Episode 35 – Valerie Ann

Singer-songwriter Valerie Ann

Welcome back to The High Note podcast! My latest guest is sure to sprinkle some pixie dust on your day: the enchanting Valerie Ann.

Valerie Ann is a Utah-based songwriter with a magical touch for creating children’s music that appeals not only to the young ones but also to the adults who care for them and those in between.

She weaves her personality into every note and lyric, making her music a delight for listeners of all ages. Rumor has it that she’s half fairy, half human, and was sent to earth to spread love and laughter – and after hearing her songs, we’re inclined to believe it!

I met Valerie Ann at VeeCon this past year in Indianapolis, Indiana and thankfully, we re-connected just this past month. She’s a talented songwriter and pioneer in the children’s music industry, taking strides in the non-fungible token music platform, Gala Music.

In this episode, we discuss her songwriting process, how she manages to craft tunes that resonate with children and adults, her journey into the NFT music world, and her latest hit song, “Road Tripping.”

Road Tripping” is a joyous anthem for all those who love an adventurous journey on the open road. It’s available everywhere, and you can also check out its delightfully charming music video here.

Be sure to follow Valerie Ann on Instagram and Twitter and see more of her NFTs on her Gala Music profile.

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The intro and outro music was written, composed and recorded by Paul “Dawg” Dixon.